Fluent Spoken English

LORETO presents a wide range of courses and programs for English language learners. The course contents include situations from day to day life, current news, corrective grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

Impact Of English

A good command over English language is a great asset in the present day scenario. It significantly develops self-confidence and self-esteem.

Good ability at language is an essential professional necessity too. It can have great impact on a person's future career prospects. That is why just a basic or a working knowledge of English is not sufficient.

English is often regarded as a universal language as it is a preferred medium of communication by people of most countries for various objectives such as education and business.


Students enrolling for this course may be from diverse educational backgrounds. Usually most of them have studied in their mother-tongue.

Some students are already well versed with English language but they join us in order to enhance their confidence and fluency.

Working professionals from various offices, banks, retail outlets and corporates are our regular students. Many are school and college going students.

Likewise, we have many housewives too enrolling with us for English language learning course for they find the learning experience and atmosphere very congenial.